Kelvin is the First to Graduate in His Family

Nov 22, 2022


My name is Kelvin. I’m 23 years old. I received a Bachelor Degree of Tourism and Cultural Heritage at the University of Dodoma; graduating December 2nd 2022. My connection with Asante Africa Foundation started when I was at primary school level at standard six, in 2011. Asante Africa turned me into the person who I am today. Now, I’m a proud alumni of Asante Africa.  

In 2009 my mother passed away and it was where difficulty started in my life. My father became physiologically unstable and started the bad habit of drinking. I felt pushed away from talking to him about issues in my life. But the meeting with Asante Africa provided me another chance to achieve my dreams. 

Through Asante Africa I have been getting support in my studies, moral encouragement, and commitment and motivation in doing positive things to help my society. At Asante Africa, I learned a lot and met new people and new friends who are positive minded. 

I am the first in my family to achieve a high school education and university degree. My sister is following my steps, and I’m excited to see her achieve a degree in higher education. 

I’m planning to send an application to become an intern with the Industry of Tourism, to gain work experience. Also, I have been doing a poultry-keeping project. I plan to extend my business if I can get sufficient capital. 

My appreciation for Asante Africa is immensely great. I appreciate the support from my donors, the people who are kind-hearted and I would like one day to meet with them. Thank you so much for your giving and I feel your kind heart. Love you all!

Kelvin, Asante Africa Alumni 

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