How Asante Africa Helps my School Succeed

Nov 22, 2022

unicw“My name is Unice, president of Asante Africa Kigaraale Entrepreneurs Club at Kigaraale Secondary School in Uganda and a proud member of Asante Africa Foundation. 

Our school comes from a very humble background. Kigaraale Community Seed Secondary School was founded in 2002. It is located in the Kyenjojo District, Uganda. Currently, we provide scholarships to needy students without gender discrimination.

Things were different before Asante Africa Foundation began collaborating with us. After learning with Asante Africa through their Youth Livelihood Program, there was an evident, positive change. Students are now provided with every necessity including hygienic kits, educational materials, digital devices, and various training.”


Localized Economic Prosperity ~ Through workshops, many students are now discovering their creative side of entrepreneurship and are opening small businesses to support themselves and their families. Girls also are taught about being independent and saving money in their bank accounts.

Gender Equitable Leadership  ~ The inclusion of girls as top leaders has motivated them to strive for higher positions, knowing that they can handle responsibility whenever given an opportunity. Previously this was not the case since top posts were mostly taken by boys. 

Digital Inclusion ~ Asante Africa Foundation through Edtech not only allows us to have access to electronic learning devices but also teaches us how to use them. These devices are essential in content delivery. We will be able to display the content through digital media. The only challenge now is electricity, which I am sure we will resolve in the future. Asante Africa has promised parents to support the school in any way possible so that these devices can be put into use. 

Educating Generations ~ Asante Africa not only focuses on young boys and girls, but also parents. Parents are taught about their role in raising children without gender discrimination. This has greatly impacted our community by reducing teenage pregnancies and early marriage. Parents are also being taught about gender balance, treating all their children equally and knowing that everyone has equal rights. Now we see parents changing to support their daughters equally. 

In conclusion, our community, including the youth, has accepted responsibility for their actions and stopped blaming external factors. Students have learned how to apply their acquired knowledge from the club by setting goals. They are also emphasizing their set of values including honesty, integrity, and teamwork — to be ready for accountability as this determines their future.

Skill building, workshops, and training programs hosted by Asante Africa have changed the lives of many people. With your support, our vision of a thriving school is coming to life.”

Unice, Kigarrale Seed Secondary School 

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