Meet Ngais – A Girl Whose Education Was Transformed By Asante Africa

Aug 9, 2022

Entrepreneurship Program
Entrepreneurship Program

Ngais is a 25 years old lady who was born at Lengijave Village, Tanzania; she started her primary school at Matimu Primary School where she met Asante Africa when she was in class 6. In 2013, she joined Mukulat Secondary and finished in 2016, and thereafter she joined a Msufini High School for her high school education, and finished 2019, then she was selected to join the University of Dar es salaam to pursue her Bachelor’s degree social work and she will be graduating in November this year

“I met Asante Africa in 2011 when I was in Class Six. To be honest, I was very happy after meeting Asante Africa. With their sponsorship, they provided all of my school supplies like uniforms, pens, and exercise books. After that, I was able to study without any challenges. Through Asante Africa’s support, it wasn’t only me who benefited – it was a family achievement as my younger sisters also received an education. They all attended high school and soon they will join university just as I did.

Ngais continues sharing the experiences on the challenges that girls faces in her community:

“In my community, a large percentage of girls suffer from a lack of education. Most of them do not have the freedom to make decisions. Many get married at a young age, drop out of school, or are refused the opportunity for an education. I’m truly thankful to have reached this far… I have enough knowledge and experience to solve the challenges that face society, and also have the ability to devise different approaches to bring progress to society and the nation at large.

My vision for the future is to advocate for girls and to protect and defend their rights.

Apart from what she is expecting to do for the community, Ngais has a word for Asante Africa and for her donors who have supported her education journey.

Most of all I would like to thank the entire team of Asante Africa Foundation for the way they supported me – including financial and moral support – and everything else they have done for me so that I can achieve my goals. Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank my sponsor who has devoted to pay school fees and other needs from primary school to university.

With my education, I am going to benefit others who have not been fortunate enough to receive an education.

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