Silvia’s Transformation

Aug 15, 2022

“It was only through an Asante Africa Scholarship, that I was able to secure a chance at the best secondary school in the county. My parents would not have been able to raise the school fees for me to attend such a school.

Receiving a scholarship motivated me to study extra hard to attain a good grade. This enabled me to pursue a diploma in community health nursing because I feel I should “pay it forward” to the community.

Through the scholarship, I was able to gain skills in leadership and entrepreneurship, which has enabled me to manage my own life and also start a farming project back home. I was also selected among my colleagues to be in charge of our pharmacy.

I am so grateful for the help that Asante Africa gave me. Were it not for Asante Africa’s scholarship, I would have been forcefully married off to an elderly man – a common practice in the Maasai community.” – Silvia (Kenya)

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Entrepreneurship Program

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Entrepreneurship Program

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