Michel is Spreading her Message Through Writing

Nov 22, 2022

michel“I grew up in Nairobi, but once I moved to Narok and began attending Fanaka Secondary School, I joined Asante Africa Foundation. I felt good when I joined Asante Africa because I was able to continue learning. I learned how to share the knowledge that I have gained from Asante Africa: to pay-it-forward and save and budget my money.

My life is adventurous and I intend to share every bit of it to motivate others. I have written and am still writing a book titled INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY OF LIFE to motivate others. The problems that the girl child is facing made me feel like the weight of every girl child is laid upon my shoulders.

The chapters in my book are: Life, Save a Life, Challenges, Experiences, Pain, Education, Drug Abuse – these are the things affecting my world. I believe that I may not have a chance to talk to billions of people face to face, but I have a chance to talk to them through writing. 

My advice to other people out there is that age is not a barrier to achieve and to do something great. When I began writing I had not told anyone. I told people who are close to me when I was on page 50. I believe that despite the challenges I have faced, there is someone out there who can be saved by telling them my story. I can give them a different and positive perspective and encourage them not to give up.”

Michel, Writer and Aspiring Author, Asante Africa Alumni, Kenya 

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