Gift Can Now Achieve Her Goals

Sep 30, 2022

gift-uganda“My name is Gift. I’m 18 years old and I’m a high school junior. I participated in the Wezesha Vijana Program Community Learning Groups of Asante Africa Foundation. In this program, I acquired a lot of knowledge from the great mentors.

I live with my mother and stepfather. My stepfather stopped providing me with educational materials and payment for school fees. He instructed me to get married, and continued pressing me to do so until I had to leave home. I got a safe place in the neighborhood where I stayed.

At first, when school started, I did not return to school like my fellow classmates. But then I heard the great news that I was selected for a scholarship from Asante Africa Foundation. With the scholarship, I enrolled at a secondary school in my neighborhood. When it became clear that I couldn’t stay at home anymore, I transferred to a boarding school.

Before receiving the scholarship from Asante Africa Foundation, I felt held back from achieving my goals. I had limited time for revising my books because I worked on the farm and there weren’t enough teachers at school. Those challenges disappeared the moment I learned I’d be supported through scholarship.

I have enough time to revise my books, I do not get to school late, we have a library where I can go to do some research and we have enough teachers where I can go and make consultations in most of the subjects. My school fees are paid on time and I do not have to worry about missing classes because of that.

Above all, I am performing well at school and in the classes. Students trusted and voted me this term as the Information prefect. My step father has also changed his mindset that he is happy to see me at school.

I am also working with the school administration to see that I establish a PAY IT FORWARD Wezesha Vijana Program club at our school so more students can also benefit. Thank you so much Asante Africa Foundation for supporting me.” – Gift

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