Moureen Will Achieve Her Dreams

Sep 30, 2022


“My name is Moureen and I am 18 years old.

I am from a family of more than 30 children, and my parents tested positive for HIV/Aids. I live with my grandparents who try to support me in my studies.

After Asante Africa Foundation granted me a scholarship in 2021, my grandfather felt relieved and has hope in me to one day help people in the family and my community. My dream is to become a doctor and I trust with Asante Africa Foundation I am going to achieve it.

My scholarship gives me a place to stay at school since I was traveling a long distance to go to school.

Through the scholarship program, I support my fellow students at school by sharing educational learning materials given to me by Asante Africa Foundation in discussion groups to see that we all achieve our goals. This year I hope to excel with the best academic grades because of the scholarship I received.” – Moureen

Watch Moureen’s grandmother speak about the impact of her education here:

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