Finding Inspiration in Paper Bags, Uganda

Nov 19, 2021

Brenda is an alumnus of Asante Africa Foundation, 2020. After attending the LEI Summit, following the theme of “Youth Economic Empowerment in the Digital Era,” Brenda found herself inspired to start her own business by applying the knowledge she acquired from her LEI training. First, she had to think of an idea for a business, to which she chose to make paper bags. Her passion behind the idea was from her association of the product to class and elegance. She stated that: “Seeing someone walking out of a supermarket or a shopping mall holding a paper bag looking elegant is what really moved me to start making them.” So, with Brenda’s new idea in hand, she started learning how to make paper bags via YouTube.  

Through a great deal of learning, hard-work, and motivation, Brenda soon learned to make high quality bags. She stresses that her journey was not easy though. Brenda started her business with very little resources and had to buy supplies, like glue and paper, using her small personal savings. 

Now she sells bags to small supermarkets, chip makers, pharmaceutical shops, bakeries, and restaurants. Though the market is still small, her future plan is to start serving larger companies and tending to those with wedding parties and introduction ceremonies. Brenda states that: 

“All of my thanks go out to both the Asante Africa Foundation and the Albert Baker Fund for organizing such a wonderful LEI Summit, and for the opportunity to learn. It has been a life changing experience for me and my family members because I can now cater to some of the basic needs at home and am able to meet my personal expenses.”

Finding Inspiration in Paper Bags, Uganda
Finding Inspiration in Paper Bags, Uganda
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