The Business of Crocheting Shoes, Uganda

Dec 14, 2021

In 2020, Nankinga attended Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Summit at Mityana Secondary School. It was an experience that Nankinga is grateful for and one that influenced her decision to start her own small business. With knowledge and confidence gained through participation in the LEI summit, Nankinga approached her parents for a small start-up loan.

It was a smart investment. With two friends, Nankinga began selling crocheted shoes, primarily to her university classmates, for 25,000 to 100,000 UGX (approximately $7.00-28.00 USD). “They love them,” Nankinga is proud to say. Nankinga has already paid back the money she borrowed and now earns enough to contribute to the household and buy things she wants like new clothes. She is also happy that the extra money is easing the burden on her mother. Being able to pay for her own transportation, Nankinga is relieved that “mum doesn’t have to stress for that anymore.” Utilizing the skills and knowledge she gained with the support of Asante Africa Foundation, Nankinga is saving now to expand her business.

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