‘Riziki’ wins the Enterprise Challenge, Kenya

Apr 19, 2023

Girl-led Youth Livelihood Program (YLP)  students built the Riziki Poultry Farm to provide their community with an eco-friendly method of incorporating white meat and egg protein into their diets. Most families in the girl’s community cannot afford a balanced diet, and the farm addresses malnutrition cases like Kwashiorkor (caused by a lack of protein).

The farm receives support from some of the girl’s schoolmates to raise fees for the less fortunate and use profits to support and buy sanitary towels for our school members. Vaccination of the chicks to keep them free from diseases. During the day, the girls can let the chicks outside to get food and allow them to get enough nutrients. The farm uses chick droppings as manure and recycling bottles to reduce waste production in the environment.

Riziki Farm also provides employment opportunities, and this enterprise won the Enterprise Challenge Sustainability Award in Nairobi in 2022.  Listen to their success story from the competition here.

“We came up with a poultry farming idea because our region has a high malnutrition rate. Most people are suffering from a lack of protein. We came up with poultry farming to provide white meat. The business’s name is Riziki poultry farming. Riziki means income, whereby our business will come to generate income for us and others.”

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