Prudence Graduates with a Software Diploma

Apr 20, 2023

My name is Prudence and I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Kyarusozi Sub County in Kyenjojo District. I am the fifth of 10 children. 

My education journey has not been the easiest because my parents are peasants, and thus, were unable to raise enough money to cover school fees for my siblings and I. 

It is simply by the Grace of God that I was able to complete my primary and secondary education, and that required a lot of sacrifices from me and my parents. There were times when I would stay at home for several months and work in people’s gardens to be able to raise enough money to go back to school. Some teachers and well-wishers also showed their support by contributing money for me. I enrolled on a school work program and the money I earned was transferred to my school fees account. I was able to complete the Advanced Level (Senior Six) through these avenues. However, since my parents were not in the position to support my education, my siblings faced the same predicament; they stopped their education at Primary Seven and Senior Four. I am the only one who was able to complete secondary level and attain a diploma. 

After Senior Six, I knew continuing my education would be impossible, as joining a higher institution of learning required a lot of money and resources. After being at home for two years, however, an opportunity came from Asante Africa Foundation, which would enable the continuation of my education; this could only be God. I was informed by my local leader of the opportunity to study in Nairobi. I immediately reached out to the Asante Africa office in Kyenjojo, and I was guided through the application process. I was shortlisted for an interview, which I passed, and thereafter informed that I would be going to study in Nairobi at AKIRACHIX. This was a miracle, as I had completely lost hope in education. Based on this opportunity, I was able to graduate with a Diploma in Software Development from Akirachix.

I am very grateful to Asante Africa Foundation and Akirachix Kenya for empowering young rural girls like me. With their help, I have been equipped with the right skills and knowledge to enable me to generate income through which I would be able to help my siblings back at home, as well as girls like me in my village in Kyenjojo. 


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