Rose Heads to Primary 6

Mar 16, 2023

Rose, a primary six pupil, lives with her mother Betonde Agathe. 

Rose recounts that she used to miss out on exams, as she would be sent back home for fees. However, last term, she was able to sit for her end of year exams because Asante Africa Foundation paid her school fees. She performed well, coming out 15th and was promoted to primary six.

Rose says Asante Africa Foundation came in at the right time because she was on the verge of dropping out of school. It was her mentor, a teacher, who called her back and informed her that Asante Africa was going to support her; thus she was able to continue with school. 

She appreciates Asante Africa Foundation for the support rendered to her, without which she would have dropped out of school.

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Rose – Pictured left

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