They are the only girls at their school to transition to Advanced Level

Feb 1, 2023

educationChapa and Rosemary are two resilient sisters, fighting against all odds to succeed in their education.

After being abandoned by their father at an early age and their mother’s passing before they could complete their education, these two girls were at risk for dropping out. Thankfully, their uncle stepped in and empowered them to press on.

Although their lives are complicated, the sisters remain resilient and positive, despite living in a community characterized with low transition rates for girls, high teenage pregnancies, early marriages, and a poor standard of living.

Chapa and Rosemary are now the only girls at their school to have transitioned to Advanced Level. Chapa is the only girl going to sit for her final year exams at her school in a class of 17 students, Rosemary is currently in Senior 5 as the sole girl member of her class of 15 students.

Chapa and Rosemary’s resilience was made possible because people believed in them.

To support more girls like these sisters, visit today.

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