How Emily is turning tough times into opportunities, Kenya

Sep 1, 2021

What can be done to survive during the tough times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic? This is a question that many face, but not LEI alumni Emily. Emily is a health records and information technology technician in Kenya whose work was put on hold due to COVID-19. This led her to consider other options to earn a living for her and her family.

Though there were a variety of choices, Emily was inspired by her mission statement of accelerating youth employment in agriculture as a solution to put an end to hunger and poverty. And so, Emily chose to take up growing and selling produce. Currently she grows a variety of vegetables including collard greens, spinach, cowpea leaves, peppers, and recently, tomatoes.

Emily believes that health and wellness through fresh food production should be more approachable, inclusive, and fun; ideals she picked up from her time spent on her entrepreneurial journey with her mother and mentor, Lydia. Emily currently uses the money she earns through sales of produce to focus on building, launching, and further scaling her business. Her inspiration through LEI and the international youth day theme of transforming international food systems has allowed Emily to embark on this agricultural journey.