Vivian’s Determination Pays Off

Nov 23, 2022

Vivian’s Letter to the Asante Africa Community

VIvian“Growth entails both the physical and socio-economical aspect of an individual as well as the individual’s impact to the society as a whole. 

Born and raised in rural Kenya, I did not require a reminder that good things came through hardwork and determination. I can recall before joining the Asante Africa Foundation when I was faced with a tuition crisis. I was torn into confusion because first I could not go home to collect the money simply because we had slept on empty stomach the previous night, an indication that there was no money. I therefore saw no need of going home but instead I hid behind the school’s tuition block and a friend of mine who knew I was about to miss my end of term examination sneaked the question paper. You can imagine how risky that was. To me, pocket money was something I could not afford and so during lunch hours, I could wait until my fellow students who could afford pocket money finish having their lunch then my friends and I who could not afford pocket money could go collect their lunch boxes and containers and then clean them for a fee. In the evening, when we’re being dismissed from school, I could branch by the nearby shop and buy either a packet of maize flour or a packet of rice so that my siblings and I do not sleep on empty stomach. Life was not easy.

I first interacted with the Asante Africa Foundation in 2012. This was a life changing opportunity, bringing a lot of hope and happiness in my life. It opened a new chapter in my educational life, cutting out school fees for me.

Joining Asante Africa has positively impacted my life and the lives of people around me. With the Youth Livelihood Program, I have learned a lot about the importance of saving, career development, small scale business management, and paying back to society.

When I attended the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya, I discovered that nothing is impossible. From the summit, I managed to start up a mitumba (second-hand clothes) shop which has been running since 2018. From this business, I helped my parents pay my younger sister’s school fee! (Bravo to the Asante Africa Foundation team for this training)

Today I am happy to be a product of Asante Africa as it has transformed my life. I would like to send a big thanks to the team for the massive support towards my career and development. I do not struggle paying my tuition fee and through my ‘mitumba’ shop, I have built myself up to be financially self-sufficient.

I would like to tell my fellow Kenyans and other African youth that we should keep on trying without giving up. Before joining Asante Africa, my life was at a standstill. Every effort to see me through studies could not yield any positive result but through determination, I found myself being part of the Asante Africa family.

Joining Asante Africa Foundation is one of the best steps for me, and I will always appreciate it. It’s a lifetime opportunity that comes with a lot of enjoyment. To new members: you have won yourself a golden opportunity that you should not let slip off your hand. Asante Africa is preparing you for a great future and therefore you should utilize the chance by being smart in whatever you do, especially in your academics.”

Vivian, Scholarship Student, Youth Livelihood Program Participant, Kenya 

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