Leadership Skills Ensure Yahaya’s Success

Sep 26, 2023

Meet Yahaya, a student who received support from the Asante Africa Foundation from 2010 to 2013. After graduating from secondary school, Yahaya immersed himself in acting in movies, where he managed to save money over the course of four years. Subsequently, he enrolled at Arusha Technical College to pursue his Diploma in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering.

This system enabled people with disabilities to control household appliances and lighting systems using their voices to issue commands, without the need for physical contact. Additionally, it included a feature to notify the owner of any visitors in the designated area.

In July 2022, Yahaya achieved his long-awaited goal of graduating with a Diploma in Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering. Reflecting on his journey, he expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am profoundly thankful for completing my diploma. Through Asante Africa, I received essential educational support during my secondary school years. Even though I didn’t proceed directly to university, the leadership skills I acquired enabled me to utilize my talents, leading me to acting in movies. Through this endeavor, I earned enough money and learned the value of saving, which paved the way for my college education and the realization of my engineering dream. I appreciate that the support I received has empowered me to create solutions benefiting disabled individuals in the future.”

Looking ahead, Yahaya envisions a five-year plan to become a successful businessman and a trusted provider of electrical services and appliance devices across the entire country.

Yahaya in 2023

Yahaya in 2010

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