Crocheting Her Way to Small Business Success, Kenya

Dec 16, 2021

NAJJUMA is an alumna of Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator program. With the knowledge and skills she gained as a participant in the LEI summit in Narok, Kenya, Najjuma has started her own small crocheting business. Selling a variety of crocheted apparel from baby wear to door mats, her shop, Nitaliz Crochets, enables Nujjuma to pay for her own educational expenses and lend support to her family. The income she is earning from her small business has been critical during the pandemic as her parents- teachers both- have seen their hours and incomes cut. While grateful that she is able to contribute to her parents’ household, Nujjuma is also committed to paying it forward. “To my community, I have been able to train a number of friends who are now able to generate their own income.”

Find out more about Najjuma’s crocheting business.

woman holding crocheted hat and shirt
woman holding crocheted clothes
crocheted items
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