The Journey to Education Continues for a New Student Scholar


Tapato is one a recent new student in Asante Africa Foundation’s Scholarship program. Charming, ambitious, and beautiful she dreams of staying in school and getting an education. Tragically, a few years ago, Tapato’s father was killed by an elephant. The passing of her father has not deterred her from her dreams; she has remained in school and is now in class five.

Tapato lives with her mother, her younger brother and her younger sister, both of whom attend her school as well. Since the death of Tapato’s father, her mother struggles to raise three children as a single mother. The challenges of having a single mother make it hard for Tapato to help at home and continue with her schooling.

Thus, Tapato could not hide her tears of joy when Penina, Asante Africa Foundation’s Scholarship Coordinator announced her acceptance into the Scholarship program. Her excitement grew upon learning that she would have the opportunity to attend boarding school at St. Mary’s Primary, where her every day needs would be taken care of. In this way she will be able to focus more exclusively on her education.

Tapato’s performance in school is impressive. In her first term exams she was ranked in position 4 out of 25 pupils. She is excited to work even harder when she joins her new school.

Tapato’s potential will continue to flourish because this year, she’ll be able to stay in school.


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