Thanksgiving Thoughts of Gratitude

Nov 20, 2023

Erna Grasz, CEO, Asante Africa Foundation Shares Her Gratitude:

As Thanksgiving approaches, my heart is filled with immense gratitude, and I take this moment to express my deep appreciation for YOU. Your unwavering commitment to our shared mission has been a source of inspiration and hope, particularly in these challenging times when strife and uncertainty are everywhere.

Addressing the complexity of poverty and its root causes is undeniably challenging, yet our approach remains clear. Fostering hope for a better future in children, families, and communities relies on the transformative power of education. Providing young minds with knowledge, problem-solving skills, and opportunities initiates a ripple effect, guiding them toward opportunity, self-sufficiency, and hope. Emphasizing education extends a lifeline to individual children and families and plays a vital role in shaping future community leaders. Educated young minds uplift their families and emerge as influential community advocates and leaders.

This ripple effect underscores the interconnectedness between the global south and the global north, where collective efforts sow the seeds of positive change.

Through our collective efforts, we are planting seeds of hope in regions where it is most needed. In the global north, this often takes the form of donations and volunteering. In the global south, engagement takes a hands-on approach, walking alongside children and their families. This hand-in-hand support drives our transformative work, effectively bridging the geographical gap between us and the communities we strive to serve. 

As we embrace the season of gratitude, I invite you to join me in reflecting on the profound difference we are making together. Behind every number is a personal narrative serving as a testament to the power of working together for a common good. The stories of resilient young individuals overcoming obstacles inspire us to continue our vital work.

Our Ethos is “Educating Children and Transforming Worlds.” Thank you for believing in possibilities and being an integral part of our journey. 

Asante Sana, (With Deep Gratitude) 

Erna Grasz, CEO Asante Africa Foundation


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