Volunteer Spotlight — Jennifer Haist

Jennifer Haist

April is National Volunteer Month in the U.S., so we are sharing the perspectives of some of the incredible volunteers who make our work possible. Jennifer Haist is a graphic designer on our marketing team who lives in Nelson, British Columbia. She was recently recognized as Volunteer of the Month for her contributions. Asante Sana, Jenn!

When I was a child I was fascinated by African cultures. I would read books and study about the animals, languages, and people. Many years later after finding my path to become a graphic designer, I came across a posting online for a graphic design internship with Asante Africa Foundation. Right away my heart leapt and I applied. As a graphic designer still in school I was nervous at first, not knowing what to expect. Taking the plunge from the safety of school into the “real world” was daunting. From the moment I joined this amazing team my worries drifted away.
The staff at Asante Africa Foundation is continually challenging my creativity, while being fully supportive through each step. I have learnt valuable skills since partnering with this team related to marketing, design formatting, collaborating, and working within a brand.


Click the image to see the full version of this infographic Jenn vreated to illustrate the impact of our girls programs.

Click the image to see the full version of this infographic Jenn created to illustrate the impact of our girls programs.

The vision of Asante Africa Foundation is inspiring and the dedication of the team reminds me that a small group of passionate people can make a huge difference. Being part of this organization has changed the way I look at the world and also taught me valuable skills to further my own career.
As a recent graduate I am expanding my own design company, OwlBox Designs.
I look forward to continuing to work with this amazing organization and to put the skills I have gained to use in the industry.

Thanks Team!
Jennifer Haist

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