Now is the Time to Give.

In response to the urgent and immediate needs of the children in our programs, we have developed a “Youth Essentials Kit” that will alleviate some of the challenges children are experiencing during the COVID-19 crisis.

What is included in the “Youth Essentials Kit”?


Textbooks| Solar Light| Access to “Airtime” (phone time) 


Soap | Sanitizer | Sanitary Pads | Masks


Rice | Oil | Maize | Sugar | Greens

*Supplies will be purchased locally to help communities keep their shops open.

*Supplies will be distributed by Asante Africa Coordinators, in accordance with community health officials.

The “Youth Essentials Kit” includes all of the supplies and support a child in East Africa will need during the COVID-19 crisis. Our packages will be distributed to the remote communities in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya, where our students and their families live.

Included for all of our students is support at any time of the day! Our team is working hard to stay connected in the most rural locations. On a weekly basis our staff are checking in with each student, providing emotional, social and learning support, and addressing any help that might be needed. 

What we are doing to support our children through COVID-19.

Distributing essentials to students and their families: Food, soap, masks, sanitary products for girls, books, and printed materials for learning. 

Providing social-emotional support: Caring for the physical and psychological needs of youth who may feel vulnerable, scared and emotionally isolated. This is particularly evident for young girls in these situations.

Establishing youth-managed WhatsApp groups and phone lines: Our youth can call for both psychological support and information about where to receive healthcare. 

Now more than ever we need your support to provide the essential needs for our youth.