A Scholarship Transformed Loibon’s Life

Aug 22, 2022

“I slept in the classroom for 18 months without a bed, school uniform, shoes, and shamba dress. I had no one to help me pay for school and accommodation fees. This was between 2009-2010 when I was in Form One and Form Two, at a boarding secondary school.

I decided to not give up and studied very hard. I became the best student in my class, which caused the school to advocate on my behalf and help me find a scholarship so I could continue my schooling. In August 2010, Asante Africa Foundation offered me that scholarship. I was able to continue my education and qualify for university. In 2018 I received a Bachelor of Science in Education with Economics and Mathematics from Mwenge Catholic University.

The scholarship I received from Asante Africa for 9 years created a safe space for me to realize my dreams and receive quality education. Today, I work with Asante Africa as the Youth Livelihood Program and MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning) Associate in Tanzania.

I believe that every young person has potential. I mentor and coach youth to build their confidence, reveal their untapped potential, and pave the way for their bright future.” – Loibon (Tanzania)

Loibon Then (2010)

Entrepreneurship Program

Loibon Now

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