Transforming Grace’s Education

Aug 30, 2022


“After the passing of my mother, who took care of me and my other siblings, I was in the hands of my sisters to take on the family responsibility. Their only income was from working on people’s farms to get food and money to sustain our family. My sisters tried to get money to take care of our needs, but most of them already had children.

When my father married another woman and he began spending money on her instead of supporting our family, life became even harder.

It was always challenging for me to pay my school fees for the term, and have school required materials to use. Sometimes the head teacher would support me with a few books and pens.

When the Asante Africa Foundation gave me the good news that they would support my education, life completely changed. My school fees are now paid on time and I have enough school supplies to use while at school. My academic grades have also greatly improved because I know I am fully supported.

Through Asante Africa and my school, I also have a new family who I stay with while I am in school. Through them, I have a new mother, Akiiki, who treats me like I am her true daughter.

I am so happy that my life has changed. I know I will achieve my dream of becoming a teacher.”

– Grace, Uganda

In honor of our fifteenth anniversary of uplifting rural communities in East Africa, we are challenging our community to step up and give the gift of opportunity. Will you donate $15, $150, or $1,500 today to support students like Grace? Your generous gift is a direct investment in the lives of the most vulnerable.

The next generation of African youth are stepping up, leading, and running towards opportunity. Our goal is to accelerate their drive, allowing them to deepen their reach and feed their appetite for more.

Thank you for supporting us as we unleash the power of the next generation.

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