A Leader in the Making

Jul 17, 2023

“Before I came across the Asante Africa Club, I was less confident and didn’t know that I possessed leadership skills which enabled me to engage with my fellow students. I attended the Youth Livelihood Program, where I realized that I have a chance to learn new things from time to time and create change if I put in my best. I also became a trainer and peer mentor to the other students in my school. Today, I am able to understand my personal values and how they play a role in influencing my colleagues at school and in the club. Leading people isn’t the problem; the problem is not making use of the opportunity as a leader to contribute positively in your community.

Asante Africa also brought digital devices to our school which help us in our studies and the club sessions. In the Kolibri, there is some content which helps students gain more skills, while learning to improve academically through the videos and pictures found in the topic. Furthermore, Kolibri helps a lot while teaching, as the videos enable students to concentrate during the session. It is also very refreshing to watch the short films since we do not watch movies in our school.”  

Hamisi – Club Leader, Rift Valley Secondary School, Uganda 


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