Madiru Enters Secondary School

Sep 6, 2022


Madiru at school


Madiru (left) and students in the laboratory

Meet Madiru, a young boy from rural Tanzania who did not believe he would ever enter secondary school due to his family’s financial difficulties.

After participating in our Wezesha Vijana Program, he joined our Bridge the Gap Program where he was taught English, science, and math preparing him for secondary school.

Madiru was happy to receive a transition package which enabled him to go to secondary school – alleviating his biggest worry because of financial challenges.

Madiru says, “I feel like the luckiest person to be a part of this program because I have learned new skills like how to use a computer and new experiences like being in a laboratory. Most of all, I have all the supplies to help me to join secondary school: school uniforms, shoes, books, and stationery. Thank you Asante Africa and my school, for giving me the opportunity to attend this training.”

In January of 2022, Madiru joined a secondary school. His teachers say that Madiru is hard-working, committed, and passionate about education. So much so that one day he will become the voice of his family and community.



Did you know that we now offer one-time scholarship kits through our “Bridge the Gap” Initiative?

These are offered to talented young middle schoolers like Madiru who would not have the financial means to buy their materials and boarding supplies to enter into high school.

To support students like Madiru through this one-time scholarship, click here. AND remember, for the month of September, all donations are matched 1:1 by the Quest Foundation! When you support students like Madiru, you double your impact!

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