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Aug 15 – Oct 15

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What is the “Bridge the Gap Challenge”?

The Bridge the Gap Challenge is a fundraising challenge, in support of Asante Africa’s Bridge the Gap Course, which will help 250 Tanzanian students transition from primary to secondary school successfully. Asante Africa’s Bridge the Gap Course preps students in an 11-week program during which students have in-person, intensive 8-hour days learning english, math, and other skills to adequately prepare for transition from primary to secondary school.

The course also include a “Get Started Kit” eliminating some of the financial barriers children face. This package includes uniforms, learning materials, as well as 1 year of personal hygiene supplies.

GOAL: Sending 250 Tanzanian youth to the Bridge the Gap Course

What is the Need?

In Tanzanian primary schools, students are predominantly taught in Swahili yet by the time they arrive in secondary school they are expected to learn in English causing students to be unprepared and drop out. The aim of the match is to help adolescent children, coming from the rural communities in the regions of Tanga, Kilimanjaro, and Arusha, the opportunity to advance to secondary school with financial and academic aid from Asante Africa Foundation.

Every dollar counts!

Quest Foundation has generously offered to support a dollar-for-dollar match, meaning every dollar you donate will be doubled and make twice the impact.


In Tanzania, only 29% of rural girls transitioned successfully,
primarily due to cost and language barriers.


The Latest

Stories and Updates from the Field.

Mother’s Day Recognition of Mother-Daughter Relationships and Growing Strong Women Leaders for East Africa

Asante Africa’s programs establish early female role modeling at home for young girls in the rural villages of East Africa. We encourage open mother-daughter relationships in educating young girls about their bodies, pregnancy, the risks of early marriage and FGM.

Alumni of Asante Africa Foundation – Reimagined Education through Creativity and Innovation

Here at Asante Africa we like to celebrate the creativity and innovation of our alumni. We like to show how far our students can take a little ingenuity when given a little support. So, let’s look at three creative and innovative examples representative of our many industrious alumni.

Asante Africa Foundation Presents at the CIES 2022 Conference

Sharing Lessons Learned on a Global Level The 66th annual Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) conference will be held from April 18 - 22, 2022. Six thought leaders from Asante Africa Foundation have presented papers that offer reflections and...

World Water Day: Celebrating Groundwater As Living Element Deserving Value

Specific mineral resources are natural deposits located in particular places on earth, except for water, which is naturally available in all places. Thus, in different forms and with the aid of other natural elements, water is available through various sources such as...

International Women’s Day 2022: Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow

International Women’s Day, observed March 8, 2022, is the international celebration of the contributions of women and girls around the globe. It also is a reminder that the fight is not over for many women who have been denied equal rights and opportunities to participate in and affect change in the world.

Menelik’s Big Dream for Girl’s Education Sprung from Under a Tree

Reteti Preschool began in 2012 under a tree. Madam Menelik, now a teacher-mentor for the Wezesha Vijana school-based club, floated the idea with local parents for a permanent school.

Erna Grasz: Inspiring Woman Leader To Follow

Insights Success honored the leadership of Asante Africa Foundation co-founder and CEO Erna Grasz by naming her one of the “10 Most Inspiring Women Leaders To Follow In 2022.”

Growing Youth Businesses, 2021 Leadership Summit Highlights

At the 2021 Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator Summit – ‘Growing Youth Businesses to the Next Level’ – we were able for the first time to host students in the third phase of the LEI curriculum, allowing them to apply the knowledge and skills from phases one and two.