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What is the “Bridge the Gap Challenge”?

The Bridge the Gap Challenge is a fundraising challenge, in support of Asante Africa’s Bridge the Gap Course, which will help students transition from primary to secondary school successfully. Asante Africa’s Bridge the Gap Course preps students in an 11-week program during which students have in-person, intensive 8-hour days learning English, math, and other skills to adequately prepare for transition from primary to secondary school.

The course also includes a “Get Started Kit” eliminating some of the financial barriers children face. This package includes uniforms, learning materials, as well as 1 year of personal hygiene supplies.

GOAL: Sending youth to the Bridge the Gap Course

What is the Need?

In primary schools across East Africa, students are predominantly taught in Swahili yet by the time they arrive in secondary school they are expected to learn in English causing students to be unprepared and drop out. The aim of the match is to help adolescent children, coming from rural communities, the opportunity to advance to secondary school with financial and academic aid from Asante Africa Foundation.

Every dollar counts!

Quest Foundation has generously offered to support a dollar-for-dollar match, meaning every dollar you donate will be doubled and make twice the impact.

Asante Africa


In Tanzania, only 29% of rural girls transitioned successfully,
primarily due to cost and language barriers.


Asante Africa

Investing in the Next Generation

Give the gift of education and opportunity.

The youth of the next generation are eager to map their dreams, build the skills to architect their futures, and serve as agents of change. Your gift is an investment in catalyzing progressive change that will impact innumerable lives and transform global communities for the better.

The Latest

Stories and Updates from the Field.

Education as a Human Right: Spotlight on African Girls for Human Rights Day

“Education is a human right” seems like a view that is widely embraced but the truth is not as pragmatic. According to UNESCO, 9.5 million African girls would never set foot in a classroom.

Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude this Thanksgiving by Donating to Support Girls’ Education

As we gather around the table this Thanksgiving, let’s take a moment to reflect on the profound impact our gratitude can have on the lives of others. One way to express our attitude of gratitude is by supporting initiatives promoting education and empowering young minds.

Thanksgiving Thoughts of Gratitude

As we embrace the season of gratitude, I invite you to join me in reflecting on the profound difference we are making together. Behind every number is a personal narrative serving as a testament to the power of working together for a common good.

GivingTuesday at Asante Africa Foundation

As the world comes together on this Giving Tuesday, November 28th, to pay it forward to those in need, Asante Africa Foundation celebrates every act of generosity that surrounds our organization.

How Asante Africa Foundation supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

It’s no surprise that rooted in a few of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, programs led by Asante Africa Foundation achieve results that help alleviate poverty and empower leadership by fostering the development of educated and resilient youth.

World Science Day for Peace & Development: Celebrating Women in Science

World Science Day for Peace and Development underscores the importance of empowering and encouraging more women to pursue careers in science.

The Power of Paying It Forward

Asante Africa has maintained the principle of paying the deed forward and continues to encourage and support beneficiaries to give back to their community.

To a World of Empowered Girls!

We celebrate and advocate for girls’ rights and equality on this Day of the Girl Child. Girls who lack formal education tend to be very dependent and run the risk of child marriage and early pregnancy.

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