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What is the “Bridge the Gap Challenge”?

The Bridge the Gap Challenge is a fundraising challenge, in support of Asante Africa’s Bridge the Gap Course, which will help students transition from primary to secondary school successfully. Asante Africa’s Bridge the Gap Course preps students in an 11-week program during which students have in-person, intensive 8-hour days learning English, math, and other skills to adequately prepare for transition from primary to secondary school.

The course also includes a “Get Started Kit” eliminating some of the financial barriers children face. This package includes uniforms, learning materials, as well as 1 year of personal hygiene supplies.

GOAL: Sending youth to the Bridge the Gap Course

What is the Need?

In primary schools across East Africa, students are predominantly taught in Swahili yet by the time they arrive in secondary school they are expected to learn in English causing students to be unprepared and drop out. The aim of the match is to help adolescent children, coming from rural communities, the opportunity to advance to secondary school with financial and academic aid from Asante Africa Foundation.

Every dollar counts!

Quest Foundation has generously offered to support a dollar-for-dollar match, meaning every dollar you donate will be doubled and make twice the impact.

Asante Africa


In Tanzania, only 29% of rural girls transitioned successfully,
primarily due to cost and language barriers.


Asante Africa

Investing in the Next Generation

Give the gift of education and opportunity.

The youth of the next generation are eager to map their dreams, build the skills to architect their futures, and serve as agents of change. Your gift is an investment in catalyzing progressive change that will impact innumerable lives and transform global communities for the better.

The Latest

Stories and Updates from the Field.

Paving the way for Girls in STEM

International Day of Women and Girls in Science, allows us to honor the significant and life-changing innovations and discoveries made by women in STEM fields. This day also emphasizes the importance of girls joining STEM.

International Day of Education: Be a Part of Worldwide Education

This year’s International Day of Education theme is “to invest in people, prioritize education.” Our students show us that education empowers youth to meet global challenges.

Top 10 Highlights from 2022 ~ Partnerships are Accelerating Progress

Asante Africa Foundation’s list of top 10 achievements in 2022. Partnerships are accelerating progress and youth are leading the way.

Giving Back and Changing Her Community for the Better

Providing educational opportunities to East African youth is of the utmost importance. Seeing young people fight through their own challenges in order to pass on what they’ve learned and help their community provides true inspiration.

Asante Africa Awarded ~ 2023 King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve SDGs

Asante Africa Foundation is thrilled to announce that we have won the 2023 King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve SDGs in the “Recognizing Enablers of Youth Participation, Action & Impact” category.

Sharing our Gratitude ~ Erna Grasz, CEO

The longer I have the honor and privilege to work on the African continent, the clearer the definition of “community” becomes. For many, this can be your family, neighbors, friends, and your colleagues. In our case, it includes our global community.

Our time is now—our rights, our future.

A Day Focused on the Girl Child Empowering girls changes more than individuals - it changes families, generations, and societies to come. A girl's potential and capability can catalyze positive change and have a global impact for centuries to come, causing a...

Celebrating World Teachers Day

Teaching is one of the most crucial jobs one can have. Educating the current and future generations is critically important to ensure worldwide peace, prosperity, and equality.

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