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What is the “Bridge the Gap Challenge”?

The Bridge the Gap Challenge is a fundraising challenge, in support of Asante Africa’s Bridge the Gap Course, which will help students transition from primary to secondary school successfully. Asante Africa’s Bridge the Gap Course preps students in an 11-week program during which students have in-person, intensive 8-hour days learning English, math, and other skills to adequately prepare for transition from primary to secondary school.

The course also includes a “Get Started Kit” eliminating some of the financial barriers children face. This package includes uniforms, learning materials, as well as 1 year of personal hygiene supplies.

GOAL: Sending youth to the Bridge the Gap Course

What is the Need?

In primary schools across East Africa, students are predominantly taught in Swahili yet by the time they arrive in secondary school they are expected to learn in English causing students to be unprepared and drop out. The aim of the match is to help adolescent children, coming from rural communities, the opportunity to advance to secondary school with financial and academic aid from Asante Africa Foundation.

Every dollar counts!

Quest Foundation has generously offered to support a dollar-for-dollar match, meaning every dollar you donate will be doubled and make twice the impact.

Asante Africa


In Tanzania, only 29% of rural girls transitioned successfully,
primarily due to cost and language barriers.


Asante Africa

Investing in the Next Generation

Give the gift of education and opportunity.

The youth of the next generation are eager to map their dreams, build the skills to architect their futures, and serve as agents of change. Your gift is an investment in catalyzing progressive change that will impact innumerable lives and transform global communities for the better.

The Latest

Stories and Updates from the Field.

From the brink of giving up, to preparing for graduation: Hadija’s bright future

From the brink of giving up, to preparing for graduation: Hadija's bright future Written by Chris Bass September 23, 2022 Education is the key to unlocking potential and the possibilities of life. However, in rural East Africa, children face immense cultural and...

A Summer in East Africa Well Spent

A Summer in East Africa Well Spent Hi everyone, Erna here. During this visit to Africa, I was excited to see in-person that Asante Africa’s educational programs are thriving. My five-week-long trip offered numerous school tours, interactions with community members,...

We are all Learners and We are all teachers.

Erna’s Recent Learnings from her 5-week Adventure in East Africa. As I think about my recent five weeks in East Africa, there are several learning themes that ran throughout my time in Africa. I not only had the pleasure of attending a four-country board meeting, the...

Asante Africa’s Girls’ Advancement Program Supports Women’s Equality Day

Women’s Equality Day — celebrated in the United States — dates back to 1920 when the Nineteenth Amendment (prohibiting denying women the right to vote) was adopted to the United States Constitution. In 1971, the U.S. Congress designated August 26 as Women’s Equality Day.

Why should you invest in East Africa’s Youth?

“We have seen first hand, through meeting students from Kenya and Tanzania, that this program unlocks dreams and provides the support and a path to lead successful lives.” — Betty and Charles Stallings, Asante Africa Foundation & LEI Match Sponsors Being a...

International Youth Day 2022

International Youth Day recognizes youth across the globe, giving importance to empower youth to make positive contributions across their communities and nations.

Adelina’s Beauty Salon

Adelina is a 19-year-old resident of Turkana County, Kenya. She aspired to become an entrepreneur so she attended Asante Africa’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator program. She graduated with valuable skills in financial savings, budgeting, leadership and...

Tapping into Government Tablets for Digital Transformation

Asante Africa Foundation collaboration with the Kenya government schools to improve the quality of education using government-provided tablets Digital Transformation is a key economic driver in Africa. To prepare its population for this digital era, the government of...
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