Leadership and Entrepreneurship Program Transforms Communities, Uganda

Dec 4, 2020

Students in Uganda are enthusiastically engaging in income generating projects by putting to use the after school club training facilitated by Asante Africa Foundation’s Leadership and Entrepreneurship Incubator (LEI) Program. Through this program, students are learning life skills such as leadership and work ethic, job readiness including problem-solving and team work, and entrepreneurship. Several student groups have recently been inspired to start their own businesses producing and selling goods in their local communities.  

A handful of ambitious groups are making life-saving Covid masks and reusable sanitary pads. Another group has pooled their resources and started a farming business, growing vegetables and selling them to families in their community. One young lady from a small village has identified the need for accessible gasoline and started a business selling fuel. She practices the money saving techniques she has learned from the LEI Program by purchasing a large bottle of gasoline and then dividing it into small bottles which she then sells to local motorcycle taxi drivers. These motivated students are demonstrating how Asante’s LEI Program has equipped them with the necessary skills to succeed in business as well as enabling them to Pay It Forward to their communities.

Program Transforms Communities, Uganda

Ugandan youth selling masks

Program Transforms Communities, Uganda

Handmade sanitary products project

Program Transforms Communities, Uganda
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