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Celebrating 15 Years of Innovation and Impact:
Educating Children and Transforming Worlds

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Asante Africa Foundation working to empower African youth through innovative education, leadership, entrepreneurship, and life skills programs. Our ultimate goal is systemic change by addressing the root issues of poverty and gender inequity. In our first 15 years, we have impacted more than 843,000 lives, with this number growing every day through our award-winning solutions. Our impact persists at every level as young people lift themselves out of poverty, spread their knowledge, and transform their families and communities.

Please join us in our goal to educate and empower
1,600,000 East African youth by 2025

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– Swahili Proverb

15 for 15

Can you support our 15 for 15 change initiative? In honor of the fifteenth anniversary of uplifting rural communities in East Africa, we are challenging our community to step up and give the gift of opportunity. Your generous gift is a direct investment in the lives of the most vulnerable.

Your Investment Transforms Lives

Not everyone has access to quality education. Your donation levels the playing field and provides at-risk youth with the skills they need to rise above poverty.

Your investment supports local action and global change. Systematic problems such as poverty, access to education, and gender-based violence and inequity can only be dismantled through system-level change. This change starts with individuals like you choosing to act and disrupt the system. When you invest in Asante Africa, you are investing in a generation of trained and educated African youth ready to tackle the inequities at home and across the world.

Your donation goes directly toward education programs and essentials for children in rural East Africa. It also supports knowledge beyond academics such as life skills, financial literacy, and bolstering young people with the training and resources they need to thrive and lead in their communities.

Asante Africa
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We Serve Africa’s Most Vulnerable Youth

  • In sub-Saharan Africa, 60% of youth (ages 15-17) are not in school
  • 2 out of 5 girls in Tanzania are married before 18
  • Only 40% of students in Uganda are literate at the end of primary school

Investing in the Next Generation

Give the gift of education and opportunity.

The youth of the next generation are eager to map their dreams, build the skills to architect their futures, and serve as agents of change. Your gift is an investment in catalyzing progressive change that will impact innumerable lives and transform global communities for the better.

Giving African youth the opportunity to attain a quality education, overcome gender inequities, acquire jobs, and advocate for systemic development in their communities.

Asante Africa

Invest in Change
For Girls

Educating girls is an investment toward sustainable development and ending systemic poverty.

In much of Sub-Saharan Africa, girls struggle to acquire essential life skills due to the systemic issues of gender-based violence, early marriage and premature motherhood, and rising HIV rates that deeply affect rural communities. Knowledge and resources are the gateway to giving girls the decision-making power to control the course of their lives.

Asante Africa

Finance Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy prepare young scholars to enter the workforce and create sources of income for their communities.

Our program fosters the development of personal, job-readiness, and entrepreneurship skills in rural youth through our collaborative and hands-on training. Paying it forward is an essential piece of the program: initiatives developed by youth to benefit their peers, families and communities have led to an even wider-reaching impact.

Asante Africa

Quality Education Means Access to Digital Content

Inequalities in digital access impede educational gains in rural African schools.

Through all of our programming, we address poverty’s many dimensions, one of them being the technology and digital literacy gap. We know that children benefit from local resources and instruction as gateways to the digital world, so we concentrate our efforts on digital training, mentoring peer educators on technology use, and providing learning materials to mobilize a continuous learning environment.

Unleash the Power of the Next Generation

The next generation of African youth are stepping up, leading, and running towards change. Our goal is to sustain what they are driving, allowing them to deepen their reach and feed their appetite for more.

Become a Donor and make the world a better place:
Change a life, a community, and the world.

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